Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homemade baby food part 1

I am no hippie. I do live in California, but I don't recycle because I have bums who pick through my trash bin and do it for me. I use disposable diapers (on my daughter, not me), I drive a big minivan and I try not to walk anywhere if I can avoid it. Nobody walks in LA. Its true. 

So despite my anti-hippie lifestyle, I am today going to make my own baby food. I do this for a couple reasons, #1. I'm cheap and #2. I'm really cheap. I never miss a chance to use the ol' slow cooker so here goes my attempt at homemade baby food. 

I began with what I had in my fridge and pantry: potatoes, sweet potatoes and frozen spinach.

Chop up the potatoes and sweet potatoes into like size pieces, which normally is important but because a Crockpot is so forgiving, you could probably just throw the whole damn potato in and it would be fine. 

Get everything chopped and mixed, then remember you have carrots. 

Things got a little messy. 

By the way, the carrots were two degrees above freezing and my fingers just about froze from handling them. Remind me to turn up the temperature in my fridge.

Once everything is all chopped and mixed, pour in about a cup of water. *Edit: Once this was all cooked it and sat overnight it became very thick. Therefore, I'd recommend using three cups of water in a pot of starchy vegetables like this one. 

 Cook 3 hours on high and as Ron Popiel says, "Set it and forget it"

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